A buddha or two -7

A curious wooden arc looks rather like part of a crossbow, but no, it will hold a solid wooden guitar on which the portrait of a famous Vietnamese musician from Hue, Trinh Cong Son, has been carved.
‘He is well known throughout Vietnam.’
The guitar, balanced in its arc will be shown in the exhibition in Danang next month. (more…)

A buddha or two -6

Along one wall, the name of each worker is painted above a space on an open shelf, ‘where they store their tools,’ a set of thirty or so tools of different sizes. There are flint stones for sharpening.
Surprisingly, the factory employs several handicapped people, surprisingly because one would think that physical strength is required to be a (more…)

A buddha or two -5

Nearby, the life-sized figure of a young boy holds out ‘a fire ring’, the ring in his hand having been carved from the same piece of wood as the boy, the folds of his tunic falling as though blown softly by the wind.
Linhs partner, Tran Thu, joins us. He manages the factory and acts as the master sculptor. Life-sized statues of the goddess, Quan Yin The Am, (more…)